The Slater Sisters 

(A study in birth order psychology)

We’re the Slater sisters, and we want to welcome you in our home! The Slate isn’t your traditional co-working space, it’s boutique, built with the new media world inside. From our studio to podcast room, we can’t wait to share stories of awesome people “Slating It” in our hometown. The fun is just beginning…



Attorney and Mom of Two

Jodie is making a pivot into the entrepreneurial world. She aspires to be “The People’s GC.” She holds daily office hours at The Slate. Coffee included. #ShellyMadeMeDoIt



Rowdy Boy Wrangler

Shelly wrangles three rowdy boys at home most days. As a former news anchor, she now runs her communications consulting business out of The Slate. #JodieWouldntLetMeDoIt

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