Meet Agnes & Sifa of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

Tell us a little bit about your story!

We are both from the Congo. We moved to a refugee camp in Rwanda in 1996 after fleeing the war in the Congo. In 2012, as the war in the Congo continued, we were able to leave Rwanda as refugees and come to Dallas.


What is it like working with your sister?

Living together as sisters is a life-changing experience, because we have always looked out for each other since our father passed away in the Congolese War. This is an opportunity for us to rebuild our lives together.


Are you and your sister similar or different? 

Agnes: We are very different – from our skin color to our personalities! Sifa is more of a silly person, and I am more laid back.


Can you share a childhood story about you and your sister?

Sifa: As all sisters growing up together, we used to get into silly fights, but after just a few minutes, we would be hugging each other again! Agnes was never afraid to confront the boys and girls that would bully me. At this point in my life, I can defend myself – but as a child, this meant so much to me.


What saying/phrase does your sister always say?

Agnes: One phrase that Sifa always says is “She is crazy!” referring to me. That is probably because she knows me best. She knows that I am the type of person who believes that you need to both enjoy life and get rest. Not work all the time.

What is your biggest short-term and/or long-term goal for your business?

Our biggest goal was to purchase a house together, since we already lived and work together at Walmart. It only made sense for us and our family. We practically do everything together, except going on dates – because Agnes asks too many questions that I don’t have answers to!


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Sifa: I’ve learned that Agnes does not like to be still; she always has to be doing something, from cooking meals to doing laundry. She definitely fulfills the role as the caretaker for our household!


What has been the biggest challenge along the way?

The most challenging part of buying a house is understanding the process because we are both very young. Buying our home with Habitat for Humanity has given us tools and resources to feel more confident in taking this big financial step.


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

I would advise anyone who is buying a house to prepare themselves financially before beginning the journey, because it costs money. But it is a life-changing experience and is very well-worth it!

Lightning Round:

Favorite restaurant? Any place with African food, of course! Agnes also likes Indian food.

Favorite spot to hang out with your sister? We like sports, but don’t have time to watch it, since we are always on the go.

Favorite place to workout? Agnes: Sifa tries to go to the gym when possible. Me, on the other hand… I have not thought about working out!

Favorite product? Coconut oil and Queen Helene Cocoa Butter

Favorite road trip? We took a trip to Washington and Virginia. It was very memorable, and we even got to see the White House!

Favorite song you and your sister love from growing up? Icange by Nsengiyumva Francois because it talks about love