Meet Sisters Erin Duvall and Molly Duvall Thomas,

Co-Founders of Sisters of Red

Tell us about Sisters of Red.

Sisters of Red is a multimedia brand. We stay engaged with our followers and friends through our love of hosting events to sharing our love of fashion, design, travel and everything real and beautiful. We are different because we are sisters who have a lot in common but also share our differences to the world. We also have seven young kids between the two of us, so there is a fun component of raising kids that are cousins and the chaos that goes a long with that. We are most proud of our last event, where we raised money for two Dallas based children’s charities (just keep livin Foundation and the Child Poverty Action Lab) with our co-chair Camila McConaughey. It was a wonderful feeling to have people enjoy themselves at a beautiful event all the while raising money for charity.

How did you and your sister get started?

We actually started by having a casual Instagram account posting things we loved while we were working for a small residential real estate company. We naturally were better at the creative side, and organically it started growing. Our followers started loving the post of us in fun clothes from the different seasons, hosting an event, featuring times traveling, or our favorite home accessory. It’s still an evolving brand that is changing with ours and our followers’ seasons of life, and the sky is the limit!

Are you and your sister similar or different? How does that help your business(es)?

We are alike in a lot of ways and different in others. We are both super organized and creative, but Molly is more social and comes from a fashion design background, while Erin is incredibly musical and has a love for interior design. The combination works really well for our company and has helped us be successful.

Can you share a funny childhood story about you and your sister?

Growing up in a family of five, we were constantly fighting over clothes because we were supposed to “share.” Molly would leave for school earlier and Erin would show up to school in something she was not supposed to “borrow” or wear from Molly’s closet. It was always a comical exchange at school. We also loved to drive around in high school blaring Tracy Chapman and Bare Naked Ladies.

What is the saying/phrase your sister always says? What is your favorite thing about your business(s)?

Our favorite thing has been working on events with people from all over the United States. We are very social people who love to connect with others and find a common thread, whether it be our love for fashion, a charity, or a friend or place in common. There is so much to do and see in the world, and it’s always more fun when you’re meeting new friends or people along the way. We look forward to more of that in the future.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your business to date? What advice would you give an entrepreneur who is just starting out?

Just keep going. Some days are going to be easier than others, and you will fall, but pick yourself back up and push forward, because there is something beautiful waiting for you. That is one thing so nice about working with a family member. We always have each other’s back and can help each other brush off hard situations more quickly.

How are you finding balance?

We find balance by always putting our family first and making time for ourselves to go work out. With seven young children between the two of us, our schedules are always super hectic with our work and our children’s activities. So, it is very important that we take care of ourselves! Plus, a fun night out with our significant others or our girlfriends are a must!

Lightning Round:

Favorite restaurant? Le Bilboquet

Favorite spot to hang out with your sister? Probably Le Bilboquet again! Haha! We are creatures of habit! We also love going to Whitefish, MT in the summer together with our families.

Favorite product? We absolutely love Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer. We never leave home without it on! And Chanel lip gloss 722 is a great go to as well!

Favorite road trip? Lake Austin for sure!

Favorite Instagram account to stalk? Molly Sims – she is just so cute! We love how humble and low key she is as well!

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