Meet Sisters Steph Weibring, of Joy Creative Shop, and Kristen Massad, of Joy + Oliver

Tell us about your businesses!

Steph: Joy Creative Shop is a paper goods & graphic design company.  We create products that promote joy & spread gratitude! I do a little bit of everything! All the hats in true entrepreneurial form. Our colors & typography make us stand out as well as our customer service. I’m most proud of being my own boss for the last 17 years.

Kristen: Joy and Oliver is a lifestyle/food blog & small batch sea salt caramel company. The blog focuses on creating desserts for all of life’s special moments. I hope to inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen with those you love. Our caramels are a sweet addition to our brand. I am a professionally trained pastry chef, blogger and freelance food writer & stylist. I do a little bit of everything each day, mainly in the kitchen and behind the camera.  I am most proud creating food & recipes to be shared with those I love the most.


How did you and your sister get started?

We started working together in 2004 when we opened Tart Bakery after Kristen came home from culinary school.  She was the pastry chef and I created all the branding and marketing material for the shop. During that time, we started an apron line (Nella Cucina) that was short lived :).  Since then we work together yet apart in all areas of our work and are able to collaborate, plan, strategize and help each other and our businesses grow. There is nothing better!


What’s it like working with your sister?

It’s the absolute best.  It’s fun, easy and a blessing for sure. The best part is forever having a person to bounce ideas off of and dream with who always has your best interest at heart. A never-ending supply of support. We live two houses down, so location is super helpful too 🙂


Are you and your sister similar or different? How does that help your business?

We are a little bit of both. Similar in a lot of ways, but different in enough to be able to help each other. We have a similar work ethic and style for sure. Our businesses are so different, but our eye for design is similar, which helps when working together.


Can you share a funny childhood story about you and your sister?

My (Steph) favorite story is from when we were little and how I would save all my pennies to buy a new tape cassette (I’m aging myself for sure) and Kristen wouldn’t spend a dime, swoop in and make a copy and then have all her money left. Typical big & little sister stuff.

What is the saying/phrase your sister always says?

Steph (about Kristen): De-lish 🙂

Kristen (about Steph): You’re the bestie!


What is your favorite thing about your business?

Steph: I love being the visionary and voice behind the brand, creating product, and being my own boss.

Kristen: I love being able to work from home, being in the kitchen and baking (and sharing) desserts. It’s been so fun teaching my kids to bake.


What is your biggest short-term and/or long-term goal for your business?

Steph: I am in the throws of growing and scaling my business, it’s a lot of work and not what I’m best at. I’m a dreamer for sure, but this is necessary and I have to put the time in to achieve the growth I know is possible.

Kristen: Growing my audience and expanding the sea salt caramel brand.


What advice would you give an entrepreneur who is just starting out?

Find something you love, are passionate about and are good at and DO IT. Know you’ll invest a lot of time (hours, days & years) and you better wake up each day excited about what’s to come. Starting small (and cheap and fast) is more important than starting perfect. If you wait until you have all your ducks in a row, the opportunity may pass.


How are you finding balance?

There is none. Ha. Once kids come into the picture you have to accept that there is no such thing. You do your best and some days you’re #winning and some days are a hot mess. Life and work blend together for us, but we both love what we do, so it works. Some seasons cause the balance to tip one way or another and other seasons make life more manageable.

Lightning Round:

Favorite restaurant?

Steph: Little Katana

Kristen: Sushi at the Mercury

Favorite spot to hang out with your sister? On the beach with no kids

Favorite place to work out? Home, because that’s all we can fit in.

Favorite product? Vintner’s Daughter

Favorite road trip? No road trips, we fly. Spain for us!

Favorite Instagram account to stalk? @ohjoy and @hedleyandbennett

Favorite song you and your sister love from growing up? All Dave Mathews from our college days

Favorite podcast? Raising the Bar

Contact Info:

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Instagram Handles: @joycreativeshop @joyandoliver