Meet Sisters Sarah Means & Lizzie Means Duplantis,    Co-Founders of Miron Crosby

Tell us about Miron Crosby.

Miron Crosby is a luxury boot brand headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Founded by sisters Lizzie Means Duplantis and Sarah Means, Miron Crosby is inspired by the sisters’ experiences of growing up on their family’s West Texas cattle ranch, and later living and working in New York City. The artisanal boots for women and men are hand-lasted in Texas by Rios of Mercedes—a 160-year-old manufacturer and cousins of the Means sisters. The line features the iconic tall cowboy boot, the popular shorty, and the novel midi-boot in an array of leathers, exotic skins, and intricate stitching.

How did you and your sister get started?

We are ranch kids, so cowboy boots have always been very much a part of our lifestyle. After college, we both lived in New York City, and recognized that people really responded to our personal boot collections. We had talked about launching our brand for years, and then one day we looked at each other and said “it’s time.” Looking back now, it was the best decision we ever made, and we have loved bringing high fashion to cowboy boots and carving out our niche – boots that are not just for the ranch or the rodeo.


What is the best thing about working with your sister?

We have really different professional backgrounds and proclivities, so we have been able to delineate our roles so that we both have autonomy over our work but can constantly collaborate. Our approaches and aesthetics are totally different, which I think makes our business even more dynamic.


Can you share a funny childhood story about you and your sister?

I was eight when Sarah was born and I remember being OBSESSED with the baby until I saw her umbilical cord. I refused to hold her until it fell off. It finally did, and we’ve been best friends since!


What is the saying/phrase your sister always says?

“It’s very fashion.” My five-year-old daughter, June, now says it too.


What is your favorite thing about your business?

Our clients. Cowboy boots are generational, so they are truly a gift that can last forever. Whether it be designing the perfect pair for a wedding, birthday, or special occasion, or interacting with so many fascinating people from all over the world, every day is a fun and exciting challenge.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your business to date?

Keep at it. There is a solution somewhere that may not be obvious. There is a way to find an answer – you just have to be creative.


How are you finding balance?

It’s a juggle. As the mother of three small children, every day is a challenge to meet the needs of everyone that wants something from me, but I am driven to set an example for my children, and especially my daughter, of a woman who prioritizes and works hard to pursue her dreams. My motto is, “You can do it, and you can have it all!”


Lightning Round:

Favorite spot to hang out with your sister? We love happy hour at Hudson House.

Favorite place to work out? A run in Curuth Park.

Favorite road trip? West Texas – duh!

Favorite song you and your sister love from growing up? Everything Selena.

Favorite podcast? “How I Built This”


Contact Info:

Website URL:

Instagram Handle: @mironcrosby

Business Address:  25 Highland Park Village, Suite 201, Dallas, TX 75205