What is a Zoom Room?

Have you heard the news?!  We have a Zoom Room! The Zoom Room is on track to be the hottest room at The Slate in 2021. Equipped with a 4k camera, high-definition microphone, and professional lighting, the Zoom Room is its own mini-studio.  All you have to do is bring your laptop and connect to our equipment through your USB port.  Really, it’s that simple. The Zoom Room is the perfect place to elevate Zoom calls that need an extra level of professionalism.  We have seen doctors give Keynote speeches, bartenders make cocktails, and young professionals take important interviews from our Zoom Room.  We are not just a co-working space; we are a meeting place for you, your team and your audience, virtual or in person!   

The Slate is a Co-working Space in Dallas, with a new media twist on traditional office space. We are located in the heart of the Dallas Design District. We are a one-stop-shop, offering members and guests a video production studio, podcast recording studio, conference rooms, places to meet with your team, and a quiet, productive work space. The Slate isn’t a typical meeting space in Dallas. Our shared office space in Dallas is unique, but feels like “home” – and offers a creative edge.