Aiming to make the Dallas community the best place for all people to live, work, and do business, Drexell Owusu, sits down with us to explain how The Dallas Regional Chamber is executing its mission in the face of a drastically changing world.  In one week’s time, at the end of March, The Dallas Regional Chamber built a new job-resource website for displaced workers in North Texas.  Getting displaced workers back on their feet is at the center of The Dallas Regional Chamber’s mission.  Hear how Owusu sees the COVID environment as a way to create significant opportunity to gain new skills – and the importance of education in it all.  Owusu shares: “Education is the one thing that has scale. Everyone touches the education system. And that will then help our economy.” Explore how we can all be a part of the solution tonight at 7:00 p.m. CST.

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