How has Dallas serviced health needs during the pandemic?  Hear from Vice President of Gift Planning for Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation and Kimberly Alexander, Board of Trustees, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society North Texas. One a former patient, and one a former caregiver, they share their personal stories, and those of the organizations they champion. 

Hear how Leukemia & Lymphoma Society North Texas jumped to support cancer patients – offering financial support during COVID-19, with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society having supplied over $4mm in funds nationally, and $24k in Dallas alone.  As black Americans are at twice the risk for myeloma as whites, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has created Myeloma Link to increase access to education and treatment for myeloma in African American communities.  Listen as Kimberly Alexander shares her deep concern for the cancer community – COVID-19 and a climate of social injustice are stressors for cancer patients. Tune in to learn about Leukemia & Lymphoma Society resources – you could be the one to help a friend, neighbor or family member with the information Kimberly Alexander shares.

Learn how Baylor Scott & White leapt into action – leaning into its telehealth capabilities.  In fact, Baylor Scott & White experienced a 1000% engagement in telehealth in one month, using its Health App.  From March to May, 75% of all clinic visits were virtual. In recent months,  Baylor Scott & White has worked tirelessly to bring testing capability to patients – and once they had those capabilities in place, Baylor Scott & White paired testing with the Health App. With technology and testing working in tandem, Baylor Scott & White could screen patients on the app, and then direct those who needed testing to remote test sites.  Turning next to the general population, at one point, Baylor Scott & White was testing 1 out of every 3 Texans for COVID-19.

Tune in tonight – no sector has pivoted as quickly, or drastically, as healthcare.  You cannot miss this interview.  Thank you to Northern Trust for collaborating with us to bring this critical information to viewers.

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