How can Genesis Women’s Shelter serve critical human need when victims of domestic abuse are quarantined at home with their abusers?  Jan Langbein, CEO, reminds us that “Genesis is a lifeline” to these women. While abusers have choices of weapons, Langbein has never seen using a disease – using COVID 19 – as a choice of weapon.  Denying victims face masks, accusing victims of infecting a household, forcing repeated hand washing – it is an all-time low.  To serve victims, hear how Genesis has turned to telehealth for therapy. With 911 operators overwhelmed with calls, Langbein expects a tsunami of need on the horizon – making fundraising even more important.  Thanking the community, Langbein shares gratitude for donors – but says “we are so afraid of donor fatigue . . . we cannot stop.”  Tune in tonight for Jan Langbein’s call to action. 

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