Museums & The Arts – how are they pivoting?  Join Mary Pat Higgins, President & CEO of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum and Ian Derrer, CEO of The Dallas Opera tonight.  They share the challenges of recent closures – yet stories of the enormous growth in digital offerings.  Hear how DHHRM’s goal to influence us ALL to be “upstanders” is reaching a greater, even international, audience.  As Mary Pat Higgins shared, “virtual offerings have expanded our reach. I think we’ve learned something through this.  I think when we come back and open, we will be physical – and we’ll stay virtual.” Converting the Upstander Speaker Series and Civil Discourse Series to digital platforms, DHHRM continues its incredible work.  Learn how and when DHHRM plans to reopen – LIVE tonight.  

The Dallas Opera, too, has embraced digital platforms.  Launching the The TDO Network, The Dallas Opera wasted no time creating original content online.  Original programs like Diva Who Hustles, #AskMaestro, and Taking the Stage with Kristin & Quo, have taken off #exponentially.  Since March, TDO Network has over 5 million viewers from 50 countries – in just 3 months’ time.  What does this mean?  Opera is relevant – and it is evolving.  Ian Derrer’s parting words:  “we want you in our house – there is nothing like experiencing what we do live.” Until then, however, Derrer encourages us to give time or resources to support this ancient art form – and the local artisans who comprise The Dallas Opera.  

The Slate is a Co-working Space in Dallas, with a new media twist on traditional office space.  We are located in the heart of the Dallas Design District.  We are a one-stop-shop, offering members and guests a video production studio, podcast recording studio, conference rooms, places to meet with your team, and a quiet, productive work space. The Slate isn’t a typical meeting space in Dallas.  Our shared office space in Dallas is unique, but feels like “home” – and offers a creative edge. 

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