The Pivot

What can we glean from all of our prior roles?

I have always been fascinated that Steve Jobs studied calligraphy at Reed College – long before he ever designed the Mac. And, without that class – which undeniably was more like an elective and less like “core curriculum” – the Mac would not have had multiple type-faces or proportionally spaced fonts. Of course, this seems incomprehensible to those of us who peruse a drop-down menu of 300 font choices on a daily basis. But, it is true that an art form usually reserved for special occasions and letter pressed envelopes charted the way for a commercial giant.

Trajectories are interesting. They can be predictable, and they can circuitous – but they are always building; they are always compounding. And sometimes it is the strangest histories that produce the greatest results.

Personally, I’m pivoting. After 15 years in a law firm practice, I am opening a business in an unrelated industry housing high-end video and podcast equipment I’m not yet prepared to operate myself. But, that is the beauty of The Slate. I know what our members need – because I see they are pivoting, too. They are breaking out without their own industries, or they are starting new businesses altogether. They are self-reliant, but they need support.

Unlike any other co-working space, The Slate will provide on-site studio space for content development as well as a podcast booth for ultimate reach. We are focused on communal spaces that will enhance interaction as well as productivity. We want to see collaborations in our membership. We want our members to become resources to one another.

We want to house a community that helps our members pivot – pivot to improve, pivot to grow, pivot to expand.

And maybe we will teach calligraphy.

Slate it,

Jodie Hastings