What is a video mini?  

So . . . what is a Video Mini?  It’s just that – a mini video recording session.  Normally, producing high-end video requires a crew for a full day.  But, we know that often video needs only require 30 minutes, or an hour of time.  The solution?  The Slate books the crew for the day – and you take advantage of The Slate’s studio and videographer for the time increment that makes sense for YOU.

A video mini is cost effective – and an efficient way to create content for you, your business or your organization. 

The extra twist?  Video doesn’t just have to be for social media.  It can be for your website, internal messaging, or even trainings.  If you can say it in less than 30 minutes, you can capture it at a Video Mini. 

What happens during a Video Mini?  First, you are greeted at the door by one of our Community Managers (for salutations and COVID-19 protocols).  Then, you will walk you into the studio to meet our Slate video crew. You have 30 minutes with the videographer to accomplish your video needs.  Get creative . . . or handle simple announcements for your company.  We have seen it all.  Want to talk?  Want to sing?  Want to teach?  You can film it.  The videographer will coach you, especially if it is your first session.  Each video is “one take” – so if you mess up, you can do it again!  

About a week after your shoot, you will receive an email with a link to your videos.  We trim each clip to provide a clean start and stop.  If you want to elevate the look or feel of the video, you can add on logos, titles, and music for an extra fee.  If you need multiple camera angles, you can add hourly, stylistic editing for an extra fee. 

Video Mini tips:  

  • The video minis are filmed in our neutral, white cyc wall, but we welcome props, branded swag and step & repeats for extra visual interest.    
  • Rehearse beforehand. This way you can use your time efficiently.  
  • Make a schedule – and communicate at the outset how many videos you hope to accomplish, as well as their lengths.

 You can book your Video Mini on our website at www.theslateproperties.com.  Slate It! 

The Slate is a Co-working Space in Dallas, with a new media twist on traditional office space. We are located in the heart of the Dallas Design District. We are a one-stop-shop, offering members and guests a video production studio, podcast recording studio, conference rooms, places to meet with your team, and a quiet, productive work space. The Slate isn’t a typical meeting space in Dallas. Our shared office space in Dallas is unique, but feels like “home” – and offers a creative edge.